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We treat and help patients with many different conditions.

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We treat and help patients with many different conditions.

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Our Promise

Personal Touch

Each patient is treated like a person. This starts with the phone call to make your first appointment. It starts with questions to show each patient that we are interested in them. These questions sound like this:  “Tell me what’s happening?” and “What do you want to be able to do?” In addition, this includes how you are greeted when you walk in to our office, and how your therapist treats you like family.

Hands on Care

We believe there is great healing power in our hands.  At Back to Action, we make sure our PT’s have the time and ability to focus on your needs. This is why we utilize massage therapy in our practice.

Exercises That Work

We choose exercises that make sense. In physical therapy school, Physical Therapists are taught many exercises that just didn’t work; they didn’t accomplish their purpose.
At Back to Action, we are very critical of exercises and look for the best ones. 

What our Patients are saying


Calm, cordial, patient and diligent staff. They work with our changing therapy needs and are always willing to help us get to our best health.



Wonderful place to go. Everyone is so helpful and friendly. I would recommend them to all!

B. C.


“Overall, I could barely walk when I first came in and within 3 months I was nearly back to normal. Lenore was fantastic and really knows her stuff”

J. C.

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