Karena O’Rourke
Certified Pilates Instructor

Karena graduated from University College Dublin, Ireland, in 1993 with a Bachelor of Science Degree. She began studying Pilates soon after this and found it brought great results both with clients and herself. She worked alongside Physical Therapists in Dublin dealing with a huge variety of injuries. Her work and sense of adventure brought her to New Zealand in 2000 where she met her husband.

Here she furthered her Clinical Pilates studies, which includes modifying Pilates to make the exercises safer and more useful in injury rehabilitation. She worked in both a Chronic Pain Center as well as a Sports Injury Clinic. She moved to the US with her husband and young family in 2008. She became fully certified in the US as a Pilates Instructor and is licensed with Pilates Method Alliance. She worked in rehabilitation and fitness Pilates in California and Illinois before her recent move to Colorado in 2015. She is also a certified ACE Personal Trainer.

Karena is passionate about helping people to move well and be more body aware, thereby being able to sustain an active lifestyle. She loves how Pilates helps to create a stronger and more supple body. She likes to mountain bike, play tennis, do yoga and snowboard. She has 2 active boys that keep her on her toes as they are always up for any adventure that comes their way!