Bo Richardson, 
Physical Therapist, Owner

Bo graduated from University of Mississippi in 1996 with a physical therapy degree. He’s worked in many different clinics from Birmingham, Alabama to Aspen, Colorado to Bermuda and back to the Colorado Front Range. Through each of these settings, Bo was able to learn from his co-workers, and he developed a vision of ideal physical therapy care. This passion motivated him to start Paradigm Physical Therapy. Specifically, Bo believes that physical therapy should include hands on treatment, personal attention, functional exercises, and a fun atmosphere.

His areas of expertise include: Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, Trigger point dry needling, IMS, IMT, Mulligan Mobilizations with Movement, Pilates, Kinesio Taping, active stretches, manual therapy, and trunk stabilization activities. He’s confident treating orthopedic injuries, back pain, triathlete injuries, and golf injuries. His hobbies include triathlons, biking, running, and golf. He is married to Raina, and their young family includes two beautiful daughters and two dogs.

What’s important according to Bo?

“One of the greatest aspects of my job is to listen. I want to know what matters to each patient. Paradigm should be a place where a patient can complain, celebrate, cry, or throw a tantrum because while you’re in our clinic it’s about you, not us.”